AX88179 macOS 10.15 Driver Installation Troubleshooting

AX88179 macOS 10.15 Driver Installation Troubleshooting

How to troubleshoot macOS 10.15 3rd party device drivers installation issues?

macOS 10.15 supports new Gatekeeper Security feature to ensure only trusted software runs on your Mac. Before opening downloaded software for the first time, macOS requests your approval to make sure you aren’t misled into running software you didn’t expect.

Users MUST manually click the lock icon in System Preferences - Security & Privacy console to allow “ASIX ELECTRONICS CORPORATION” developer software for normal driver installation.

*** AX88179 macOS 10.15 driver installation issues troubleshooting steps:
1. Check if AX88179 dongle was plugged into correctly?
2. Check if AX88179 macOS 10.15 driver was installed correctly?
3. Check if ASIX Developer Software was unblocked in macOS 10.15 Security & Privacy?
4. Manually add AX88179 network interface

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