Low Voltage Electroluminescent Lamp Driver with High Voltage Output for Large Display [NOT FOR NEW DESIGN!!]

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The ZSP4403 is a high voltage output DC-AC inverter specifically designed to drive electroluminescent lamps to backlight liquid crystal displays, keypads, and backlit readouts used in battery operated portable equipment. The ZSP4403 is designed with our proprietary high voltage BiCMOS technology. The ZSP4403 will operate from a +2.2V to +5.0V battery source. The device features a low power shutdown mode which draws less than 100nA (typical), ideal for low power portable products. One external inductor is required to generate the high voltage AC output. One external resistor is used to select the internal oscillator frequency. The ZSP4403 is ideal for portable applications such as PDA’s, pagers, cellular phones, and other portable applications using LCDs in dim or low light environments. The ZSP4403 is offered in 8-pin MSOP packages.


● High-efficiency design
● +2.2V to +5.0V battery operation
● DC-to-AC converter produces up to 220Vpp for EL display panels
● Single resistor controlled internal oscillator
● Low current standby mode draws less than 1μA
● Uses small 470μH, Sub 2mm height coil

Target Applications

PDA's, MP3 Players
Cellular phones
LCD modules
Handheld GPS units
Security systems
POS Terminal



Technical Documentation

Product Brief, Product Introduction and Datasheet

ZSP4403 Product Brief

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ZSP4403 Datasheet


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