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ASIX Launches Embedded Bluetooth Modules for the Internet of Things Market

ASIX Electronics Corp., a leading fabless semiconductor company for embedded networking/bridging solutions, today announced the expansion of its wireless modules product portfolio with five AXB series embedded Bluetooth modules, the AXB031/AXB033 for Internet of Things applications and the AXB051/AXB052/AXB081 for wireless audio applications. All of the AXB series can be connected to any MCU with UART interface, or can be operated standalone without an MCU.

The world market for Bluetooth Smart, which uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, Bluetooth 4.0) technology, is growing rapidly and allowing billions of previously disconnected devices to join the connected world. It is designed to address the needs of new wireless applications, such as ultra-low power consumption, fast connection times, reliability, and security. It will allow consumers to control any Bluetooth Smart enabled device in the home from wherever they are, including lighting, heating, appliances, and security systems.

Tailor made for Bluetooth Smart market, the cost effective Bluetooth 4.0 AXB031 and AXB033 modules are perfect for body worn medical sensors, sports and fitness sensors, activity monitors, remote controls, smart home, commercial/industrial automation and any other application that requires connectivity to a smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth Smart devices.

The AXB031 and AXB033 provide a full suite of peripheral interfaces including SPI, I?C, GPIOs, ADCs, PWMs and a UART host interface. ASIX offers developers a full-featured Bluetooth Smart stacks and application development environment to make it easy to add Bluetooth Smart to embedded system.

In addition, ASIX also provides a dual-mode Bluetooth 4.0 audio module, AXB081, and two Bluetooth 3.0 audio modules, AXB051/AXB052, for the fast-growing wireless audio applications, such as wireless stereo speakers, headphones, home theater, automotive hands-free, and MirrorLink car player applications.

Volume production of the AXB series is available now. The embedded Bluetooth modules are in a small castellated package and offered with different Bluetooth software stacks and profiles. For more information on AXB series, please contact ASIX Electronics Corp. via e-mail:, or visit our website:

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